We Are Pride

Our first white paper, We Are Pride is a deep dive into the corporate culture that makes Pride Global possible.

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We Are Pride
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How Does Pride Global Help The World Work?

We’ve designed our entire corporate culture around doing just that—Helping the World Work. By fine-tuning our approach using employee feedback and big data to ensure it’s in perfect alignment with our business goals, we make sure we stay true to that mission. From the first email responses candidates receive after submitting their resume to their last day at Pride, we’ve crafted a workplace experience like no other, one designed to keep our team engaged, driven, and thrilled to be a part of our mission.

Giving people meaningful work may be the most meaningful work that people can do. It’s why we’re proud to match people with careers that give them more than a paycheck. We give people the space, resources, and support to truly become the best professionals they can be—here at Pride or at one of our many clients. And in We Are Pride, you’ll discover the infrastructure we’ve created to help us accomplish this meaningful work around the globe.

Leo Russell
“Helping people reap the fruit of their labor in one of the most productive, most wonderful companies on the planet is a very fulfilling work. Nobody makes me get up out of bed to come to work every day. I love it.”

Leo Russell, Founder & CEO at Pride Global

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